Anti-Racism & Race Equality

Anti-Racism & Race Equality

Definitions of anti-racism and race equality

Definition via CEMVO.

Template of anti-racism statement

Downloadable document.

Examples of how to combat online racism

Downloadable document from workshop with CEMVO.

Declaration and link to the race equality in the environmental sector programme toolkit

Declaration and link to the REEP toolkit and register.

Ethnic diversity route map

In signing up to the Route map towards greater ethnic diversity in the environment sector, Scottish Environment LINK is making the following commitment:

“Our organisation is committed to achieving the outcomes of this route map to create a more ethnically diverse and inclusive environment movement. Organisations across the sector may take different paths to achieve these changes, but we are united in our conviction that change is necessary. We intend to create a more inclusive culture and more inclusive ways of working, to address racism and barriers to progress for people of colour, and to increase our ethnic diversity. We are determined to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be part of our vital environmental mission.”

Other organisations can join the route map in enhancing ethnic diversity in the environment sector.

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