Our Economics Group aims to influence economic debate in Scotland, bringing the environment and wellbeing into discussions.


Over the last decade, LINK members have become increasingly aware of the importance of engaging in economic debates as environmental objectives and concerns have often been side-lined by economic policies. In 2011, LINK established its Economics Group which aims to influence the economic debate in Scotland.

Current focus

The Economics Group delivers our circular economy project, A circular economy for a fairer footprint, supported by Friends Provident Foundation. This project is campaigning for a strong circular economy bill – we need to re-programme our economy to extract less from the planet, re-use what we have taken and regenerate our natural systems.

The Economics Group has a number of active members, a full list is shown below.


Matthew Crighton, Friends of the Earth Scotland


Bruce Wilson, Scottish Wildlife Trust

Staff Liaison

Phoebe Cochrane

Previous work

In 2012, LINK commissioned a report to articulate the network’s position with regard to its view of a successful Scotland. The report, Environment and the economy, helping Scotland to flourish challenges the Scottish Government regarding its emphasis on sustainable economic growth and GDP. In 2013, LINK was successful in getting funding for a three year project, the Flourishing Scotland Project.

The Flourishing Scotland Project  focussed on the then review of the Scottish Government’s National Performance Framework and promoting alternative metrics to GDP. The project also developed a narrative on the environment and the economy, engaged in the development of the Scottish Government’s Circular Economy Strategy, and organised thought events about transitioning to a low carbon and sustainable economy.

Latest News

Scotland needs to embrace reuse as we seek to recover from Covid-19

22 Jul 2020

It is clear that Scotland is at a crossroads, facing a challenge to respond to two defining emergencies. First, how do we recover from the economic and social consequences of the Covid-19 emergency? Second, how do we continue to focus on the environmental imperatives presented by our ongoing response to the climate emergency? The meeting point of these two agendas defines what I would mean by a green recovery. Read the full blog by Michael Cook

Educating Scotland’s schoolchildren for a circular economy

13 Jul 2020

The recent lockdown has been the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that mindset and behaviour change can be positive. Look at what’s happened in just a few short weeks – transport down by 60%, air pollution reduced by 50%, we’ve been buying less, fixing more and sharing tools, toys, books and time with our communities. Let’s leverage that change to prepare Scotland’s schoolchildren for life in a resilient and buoyant Circular Economy. Read the full blog by Mary Michel

Why a Circular Economy needs to be part of the economic recovery

10 Jul 2020

A version of this blog featured in The Scotsman on 9 July 2020. The Covid crisis and associated lockdown has brought into sharp focus many aspects of our life, our society and our economy; what is important to us and how well equipped we are to deal with sudden shocks.  The recovery package being considered […]

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A circular economy for a fairer footprint

This three year project, which started in May 2018, aims to reduce our consumption of planetary resources.

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