Species Champions: Bordered Brown Lacewing


Many lacewings are important for biological pest control as they are predators of aphids and other species. The only known UK population of the Bordered brown lacewing is on Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, where it was rediscovered in 2015. Lacewings have two pairs of intricately-veined wings. This particular species is associated with wood sage on rocky slopes

Action Needed

  1. Raise awareness of the importance of habitat management for lacewings in the region.
  2.  Support further surveys for the species.
  3. Ensure the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy is fully implemented.


  1. Being restricted to a single location makes the species vulnerable to under or over grazing, erosion, trampling or burning due to public access.
  2. Climate change

MSP Species Champion

Daniel Johnson

Member for: Edinburgh Southern

Party: Scottish Labour Party

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