Nature Champions: Lowland calcareous grassland


Now only found in isolated pockets in southern and eastern Scotland, lowland calcareous grasslands are full of life and colour, with species such as rockrose, lady’s mantel, eyebrights and thyme. They are a semi-natural habitat which is created and maintained by low intensity traditional farming.

Action Needed

  • Safeguard our remaining grasslands from inappropriate tree planting.
  • Support efforts to restore wildlife-rich grasslands.
  • Reward farmers and land managers for improving plant diversity on their farms. 
  • Introduce legally binding targets for reducing nitrogen oxides pollution.


This habitat is threatened by changing land use, which can either be intensification (using fertilisers to ‘improve’ the soil), or abandonment, where livestock grazing ceases. Inappropriately  sites tree planting schemes can destroy these grasslands. They are also under threat from nitrogen pollution.

MSP Nature Champion

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