Cairngorms Nature BIG weekend: we need nature, nature needs us. What to do?

15 May 2021


Join our panel and share inspiration from nature and ways to do more to help it.

Register for tickets via Eventbrite here – Cairngorms Nature big weekend: we need nature, nature needs us, what to do?

The covid-19 pandemic has resulted in massive shifts of behaviour. There is an increasing awareness across all generations of the power of nature to revive and restore. With the start of the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration, there are also calls from international organisations for more effective action to save nature and halt climate change. Our panel will explore what nature does for them and share ideas on what we need to do for nature. If we want to reverse the ongoing decline in Scotland’s nature, share the joy of being outdoors and enable future generations to have the chances we have today of seeing wild otters, flocks of starlings, mountain ski days, arctic alpine specialists like ptarmigan, mountain azalea and cloudberry, we need to start doing things differently. Come and join our panel of experts to explore what needs to change and what we can all do.

Panellists will explore the key themes of

Nature conservation: then and now : Sir John Lister-Kaye, author, naturalist, owner and Director of Aigas Field Centre

Out there! Getting out and about in Scotland: Helen Todd, Campaigns and Policy Manager, Ramblers Scotland

Re-peopling and rewilding Scotland’s natural landscapes: Steve Micklewright, CEO Trees for Life

Climate change and the outdoors: Lauren MacCallum, General Manager at Protect our winters- adventure activism

Chaired by Deborah Long, Chief Officer, Scottish Environment LINK.


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