Nature Networks Matter

Find out why Nature Networks matter

Nature is in trouble- International and national reports show that biodiversity is in decline across the world and here in Scotland. The twin emergencies of climate change and biodiversity underscore the need for urgent action. Nature Networks Matter is a film that focuses on the importance of linking nature. Though protected areas and nature reserves are essential tools for protecting, enhancing nature and tackling the climate and biodiversity crises, these solutions on their own cannot address biodiversity across landscapes. Watch our film to find out what connected nature looks like in practice and the crucial role it plays for the environment and people.

To ensure our nature is protected and restored we must:

• Take nature seriously

• Make more space for nature

• Make Nature Networks for Scotland


Watch our film here –


More information:

LINK briefing on Nature Networks

Nature Networks Event Report – Summary of film screening event, 3 December 2020


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