Our People

Our Staff

LINK currently has a staff team of 13, most working part time hours. Core staff are responsible for day to day operations and supporting our members deliver joint priorities. Several work areas have dedicated staff funded for specific programmes.


Our Board

Our trustees are people with experience across the network, elected by the membership. Two additional trustees can be co-opted as needed. The Board meets quarterly, providing oversight of LINK’s strategy and work programme, resourcing and legal compliance.


Honorary Fellows

LINK’s President is our ambassador for the network and for Scotland’s environment. Appointed for a 3 year term, LINK’s President supports our work in promoting the value to society in being able to access and live in a clean and healthy, fully functioning natural environment.  The President role is currently vacant.

LINK’s Honorary Fellows are exceptional leaders who have contributed to LINK’s development in the past and who are in a position to support LINK and to promote LINK’s vision.They provide their expertise and input to build LINK’s wider connections within the policy arena and across wider society.


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