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LINK Thinks is a space for members and others to express their views about Scotland’s environment. If you would like to contribute a blog please contact The opinions expressed in this blog are the author's and not necessarily those of the wider LINK membership.

Nature Recovery Targets Letter from MSP Species Champions to Cabinet Secretary

05 Nov 2020

30 MSP Species Champions signed a letter to the Cabinet Secretary for the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform calling on the Scottish Government to deliver an ambitious, legally binding set of targets and milestones to secure nature recovery. The letter, organised by Scottish Environment LINK, calls on the Scottish Government to champion nature. Real […]

Scotland must step up action for nature’s recovery

28 Oct 2020

‘Today nature is vanishing at rates never seen before in human history,’ warned David Attenborough in his recent documentary about our planet. Scotland is no exception to the global trend of biodiversity decline. But it’s not too late for Scotland to act swiftly to reverse nature’s decline, says LINK Advocacy Manager Vhairi Tollan.

Why repair is a key part of a circular economy and a green recovery

15 Oct 2020

"With new goods hard to find, we reused, repaired and repurposed everything we owned and found. In a year our household of six created just one dustbin of rubbish." Repair Network's Sophie Unwin describes her repair journey, from rural Nepal to Brixton, Leith and Govanhill.

Grasping the nettle of Green Recovery right now

07 Oct 2020

These are extraordinary times. Scotland continues to consider how we recover from the current health crisis, as a nation, and as part of the global community. Read why action is needed now to deal with the pandemic, the climate emergency and the nature crisis.

Incineration of waste continues to soar – is this the right direction?

05 Oct 2020

Official figures released last week show a 72 percent rise in the amount of waste burned between 2018 and 2019. Is this a wise trajectory, compatible with net zero ambitions, asks Dr Phoebe Cochrane, LINK's sustainable economics officer.

Community resilience must be at the heart of a green recovery

05 Oct 2020

The global pandemic has proven that people are far more vulnerable than many of us thought. However, the response to the COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated the power, resilience and potential of grassroots and community-led action. There have been many inspiring examples of how community and voluntary organisations have stepped up to meet the huge challenges […]

We can shift from ‘fast fashion’ to a circular textiles industry

29 Sep 2020

With the 2020 Paris Fashion Week currently underway, there are few global industries where the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic are more starkly apparent. National lockdowns around the world have highlighted the fragility of linear economy supply chains, and there has been a much-discussed re-evaluation of what counts as vital, necessary or luxury.

Turn Greed to Green

03 Sep 2020

James Curran takes inspiration for Scotland's green recovery and the building of a circular economy from an unlikely-sounding item: zero-carbon carpet tiles.

Edinburgh Declaration calls for collective commitment to nature’s recovery

01 Sep 2020

Yesterday [31 August], the Scottish government published the ‘Edinburgh Declaration’. This declaration seeks agreement between subnational, regional and local governments across the world, calling on the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) to elevate ambition in order to halt biodiversity loss. It urges that greater prominence be given to the role subnational authorities play […]

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