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LINK Thinks is a space for members and others to express their views about Scotland’s environment. If you would like to contribute a blog please contact The opinions expressed in this blog are the author's and not necessarily those of the wider LINK membership.

Reflecting on the National Planning Framework 4

28 Nov 2022

The Fourth National Planning Framework (NPF4): revised draft was published 8 November 2022 and sets out a plan for Scotland to create sustainable, liveable and productive places to improve people’s lives.  Bruce Wilson, Head of Policy and Advocacy at Scottish Wildlife Trust, represented LINK when giving evidence to the Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee […]

COP27 and the need to move faster together

23 Nov 2022

At the end of COP26 in Glasgow last year, we concluded that some progress had been made, but the rate of progress was not fast enough (LINK Thinks blog 22 November 2021). Another 12 months into the decade when a real and accelerated effective change is needed, has COP27 delivered? In a single lifetime, we […]

Getting back on track through kindness

19 Oct 2022

A guest blog from Mike Robinson, LINK Honorary Fellow.   The first nine months of this year have been some of the most disruptive I have ever known.  Almost everyone I speak to feels they have been working harder than ever but can’t quite put their finger on what they’ve achieved.  It is relentless and it […]

Fisheries: Remote Electronic Monitoring (REM) with cameras would be a win-win-win for wildlife, fishers and the consumer

06 Oct 2022

Guest blog by WWF Scotland Policy Advisor, Mario Ray The UK’s fishing industry has long been a fundamental part of vibrant coastal communities, providing livelihoods to many and food to feed us, from Cullen Skink on a cold winter’s evening, to whole grilled mackerel with lemon and garlic, or scampi and chips by the sea.  […]

Well being for all

29 Sep 2022

On 27 September, LINK held our 2022 Congress, the first since 2019. It was fantastic to see everyone, share our highs and lows and reinvigorate ourselves and each other. When we set it up, we had no idea how topical our theme would be to the week. In a week when Westminster politics reflected the […]

LINK response to Programme for Government

06 Sep 2022

Today’s Programme for Government comes amid severe challenges and political uncertainty. It is more important than ever that government, at all levels, retains a laser-focus on tackling the nature and climate emergencies, and ensures that this is a decade of delivery. This parliamentary term will see vital legislation across a number of policy areas, including […]

Wilder nature, peopled places

30 Aug 2022

Every day brings new illustrations of the climate and nature emergency we’re facing across the world: food insecurity, water shortages, pollution, unaffordable costs of living and overwhelmed healthcare. To treat the symptoms, we must treat the cause. The twin crises of a warming planet and widespread nature loss are deeply connected and mutually reinforcing. Both […]

Materials Matter – Have your say on a circular economy for Scotland

22 Jul 2022

Most people have an inherent dislike for wastefulness, yet we seem to be stuck in a system which pays little heed to the quantity of waste that is generated or its final destination. Now is the time to have your say on how we can change this situation.

Set Scotland’s rivers free

12 Jul 2022

Scotland is renowned for its rivers and lochs. Our freshwaters provide a home to iconic species such as Atlantic Salmon and Freshwater Pearl Mussels. They provide drinking water, and are used to generate electricity. They support game fisheries, and are essential for the production of food and drinks, including whisky. Freshwaters are important for our […]

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