LINK Representation

Food and Farming

Farming 1.5 panel: Deborah Long, ScotLINK CO

Scottish Government Stakeholder groups:
Agricultural and Rural development Stakeholder Group
Pete Ritchie, Nourish Scotland, Vicki Swales, RSPB.
Agriculture Reform Implementation Oversight Board Pete Ritchie, Nourish Scotland.
National Programme Assessment Committee (Agri-Environment Climate scheme) John Thomson SCNP, Vicki Swales RSPB.
Rural Development Operational Committee: Vicki Swales, RSPB
NFUS Farmed Environment Forum: Pete Ritchie, Nourish Scotland

Find out more about LINK’s Food and Farming group


Clyde Marine Planning Partnership: Calum Duncan (MCS)
Marine Monitoring Network Project Steering Group: Sarah Dolman (WDC), Charles Nathan (RSPB)
Offshore Renewable Energy – Project Advisory Group: Sarah Dolman (WDC), Charles Nathan (RSPB)
DECC SEA Steering Group: Sarah Dolman (WDC)
Scottish Government Sectoral Plan for Offshore Wind: Charles Nathan (RSPB)
Scottish Marine Renewables Research Group: Sarah Dolman, (WDC)
Scottish Government Fisheries Management and Conservation Group: Clara Johnson (MCS)
Wave and Tidal Energy Sector Plan, Habitats Regulations Appraisal Steering Group: Sarah Dolman (WDC), Charles Nathan (RSPB)
Ministry of Defence Advisory Forum: Sarah Dolman (WDC) (watching brief only)
Scottish Government Inshore Fisheries Management and Conservation Group: Calum Duncan (MCS)
Marine Scotland – Renewables Sectoral Engagement Strategy: Sarah Dolman, (WDC), Charles Nathan (RSPB Scotland)
The Crown Estate – offshore renewables: Sarah Dolman, (WDC), Charles Nathan (RSPB Scotland)
Marine Protected Area Monitoring and Management Plans (MarPAMM) project advisory group – Fanny Royanez (LINK MPEO)
COMPASS advisory group – Sarah Dolman (WDC)
Project UK Fisheries Improvement Project steering group (Scallops and Nephrops) – Calum Duncan (MCS)
Scottish Parliament Cross-Party Group (Recreational Boating and Marine Tourism) – Fanny Royanez and Esther Brooker (LINK MPEOs)

SEPA National Aquaculture Stakeholder advisory panel: Dawn Purchase (MCS) and Clare Cavers (Fidra)

Scottish Aquaculture Council – Clare Cavers (Fidra)

Scottish Marine Environmental Enhancement Fund (SMEEF) Grants Advisory Panel – Calum Duncan (MCS)

Find out more about LINK’s Marine group



Scottish Forum for Planning – Charles Nathan, RSPB
DPEA Stakeholder forum – Clare Symonds, Planning Democracy

Find out more about LINK’s Planning group

Cross Cutting Forums

Conservation Funders Forum: Deborah Long, LINK Chief Officer and member body reps.
Cairngorms 2030- Heritage Horizons Programme Advisory Panel: Deborah Long, Chief Officer LINK
UK Shared Prosperity Fund Environment and Sustainability Roundtable: Alison Connelly, RSPB Scotland

Climate Change Plan Advisory Group: Deborah Long, LINK Chief Officer and Dan Paris, Advocacy Manager


Greener UK’s Devolution Group, Dan Paris, LINK Advocacy Manager
Brexit Scenario Group, Dan Paris, LINK Advocacy Manager


NatureScot Deer Management Round Table, Duncan Orr-Ewing, RSPB, Mike Daniels, JMT, Dan Watson, NTS
Scottish Wild Deer and Venison Steering Group, Alan McDonnell, Trees for Life

Find out more about LINK’s Deer group.

Sustainable Economics

Scottish Forum on Natural Capital: Economics Group fields rep as appropriate
Scottish Government Roundtable to review the National Performance Framework: Deborah Long, LINK

Find out more about LINK’s Economics Group


Scottish Biodiversity Programme- Stakeholder Engagement Group – Open Government Approach – Paul Walton RSPB Scotland, Arina Russell WTS, Calum Duncan MCS,  Jo Pike SWT, Helen Senn RZSS, Alan McDonnell TfL.
SBS Non-Native Species Action Group – Paul Walton RSPB Scotland, Craig Macadam Buglife
SBS Habitats and Species Group – Paul Walton RSPB Scotland, Craig Macadam Buglife
SBS Co-ordination Group – Paul Walton RSPB Scotland

Find out more about LINK’s Wildlife group


Scottish Forestry Customer Representatives Group: Arina Russell, Woodland Trust Scotland and Andrew Weatherall, RSPB
Scottish Tree Health Advisory Group: Matt Elliot Woodland Trust Scotland
Scottish Forestry National Stakeholder Forum: Deborah Long LINK CO, and Woodland Group representative depending on topic.

Find out more about LINK’s Woodland group

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