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Campaigning for a strong circular economy bill

A circular economy for a fairer footprint

It is really important to move to an economy that is more circular. Our climate and ecological emergencies are closely linked to the quantity of products that we use and consume, how they are made and how they are disposed of. We need to re-programme our economy to extract less from the planet, re-use what we’ve already taken and reduce our waste. The future will be brighter if products are made to last, are easy to repair and can be re-used many times. Things must be made from recyclable materials and we need to regenerate our damaged natural systems.

A Circular Economy Bill

The Scottish Government published their proposals for a Circular Economy bill in November 2019.  There was a consultation on these proposals which closed in December 2019 (The LINK response can be found below in key outputs).  We are expecting the Government to bring forward a Circular Economy Bill in the Spring of 2020.

Recent Events:

Circular Economy priorities for Scotland, 14th January, Scottish Parliament.  An event hosted by Scottish Environment LINK and sponsored by Angus MacDonald MSP.  A summary report is available with a link through to the presentation slides.

Key outputs to date:

LINK response to Scottish Government consultation on Circular Economy bill proposals (Dec 2019)

Circular economy proposals need top-level targets says Scottish Environment LINK (press release, November 2019)

A circular economy a way to tackle the climate and ecological emergencies together (Infographic)

Cross-sector coalition calls for a strong circular economy bill (Press release, August 2019)

Call for a strong circular economy bill for Scotland  (June 2019)

A strong circular economy bill for Scotland – Briefing (June 2019)

Let’s make sustainable products that last – or the planet won’t.  (Article by Dr Phoebe Cochrane,  published in the Scotsman June 2019)

Evidence on the construction sector (February 2019).

ELUK Consultation responses on plastic packaging tax (May 2019)

ELUK Consultation response on Extended Producer Responsibility consultation (May 2019)

Evidence on Scotland’s progress on UNSDG 12 (Feb 2019)

Pathways to a circular and resource efficient economy (Seminar report, December 2018)

Single-use plastics and energy and resource efficient products (joint letter from Environment LINK’s UK to Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, November 2018)

LINK Consultation response to a Deposit Return Scheme for Scotland (September 2018)


A Circular Economy for a Fairer Footprint – background

This three year project, which started in May 2018, aims to reduce our consumption of planetary resources. Unsustainable resource consumption is one of the main drivers of environmental degradation and biodiversity loss.

A circular economy (CE) is an alternative to a linear economy. A linear economy, which has increasingly characterised our economy in recent decades, follows an extract, make, use, dispose pattern. In contrast, a more circular economy aims to keep resources in use for as long as possible, extracting the maximum value from them whilst in use and recovering products and materials from them at the end of each service life. In a world of finite resources, the CE offers a system whereby we can reduce our demand on the planet’s resources and foster a more resilient economy.

The Scottish Government published its a CE strategy, Making Things Last, in 2016. The Programme for Government for 2019 – 20 announced a CE Bill.

The Circular Economy for a Fairer Footprint project is working with partners to press for a comprehensive and ambitious CE Bill with consumption reduction targets at its heart.

LINK is grateful to the Friends Provident Foundation for their 3 year grant in support of this project.

For any questions please contact Phoebe Cochrane, Sustainable Economics Officer, Email Phoebe

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