Our Land

Our land is home to ecologically coherent and inspiring landscapes, where nature thrives as part of productive sustainable land use

We have a number of working groups active on Land and more information can be found below.


Some of our current priorities include –

Contributing an environmental perspective for the future support of Scottish agriculture via subsidies, this work is led by the Food and Farming Subgroup.

Implementation of Land Use Strategy principles across the Land Reform agenda, while ensuring landscape has sufficient priority in decisions on land use.

Helping to mainstream Scotland’s Biodiversity Strategy via the Wildlife working group.


The Deer Group works to promote sustainable deer management, particularly as part of the sustainable upland land use agenda.

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Food & Farming

The Food and Farming Group works to achieve their vision of sustainable agricultural systems that produce supplies of safe healthy food, protect natural resources and enhance wildlife, habitats and cultural heritage, and provide jobs in rural areas, contributing to a diverse rural economy.

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LINK’s Freshwater Group aims to promote good management of activities in our lochs, rivers and wetlands

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Land Use & Reform

This Group takes forward an integrated approach to LINK’s engagement with developments from the Land Reform Bill, seeking join up with the principles of the Land Use Strategy, and ensuring that landscape concerns are sufficiently recognised in decisions around land use

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The Landscape Group works to promote the EU Landscape Convention, and to make landscape a priority concern for the Scottish Government with protection, restoration and enhancement of landscapes seen as integral parts of a sustainable Scotland.

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The Wildlife Group works to achieve its aim to ensure Scotland’s natural heritage, on land and sea, is complete in its diversity, composed of fully functioning ecosystems and resilient to accelerated environmental change.

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Wildlife Crime

The Wildlife Crime Group is concerned with wildlife crime by badger baiters, or by farmers, foresters and developers and the under-reported nature of wildlife crime.

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The Woodland Group brings together members with an interest in forestry and woodland to discuss issues such as tree health; forestry policy; tree protection; woodland creation funding and targeting.

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