LINK Congress 2023: Communities in action

28 Nov 2023

Royal George Hotel, Tay Street, Perth, PH1 5LD

LINK and our members exist to act on behalf of all our members – those members of the public who join our member bodies – and on behalf of future generations. We are communities of interest for Scotland’s environment. However, there is an emergent gap in how we work with local communities of place. How we do that is the subject of the 2023 Congress.

Recent environmental legislative proposals, including HPMAs, have been hijacked by industry and others, who have been much more effective at communicating with local communities of place and who hear less from us, as communities of interest. If we are to make headway on those environmental policies that we know will restore and conserve Scotland’s environment for people today and in the future, working with communities of place is going to be vital in achieving success.

In the afternoon session, we have two keynote talks from other networks, Community Land Scotland and Coastal Community Network, whose members are communities of place. This is followed by a choice of three workshop presentations led by LINK member bodies and others, themed around working with communities of place and exploring successes, lessons learnt and opportunities for collaboration. We will discover and discuss ways of working with local communities and be inspired to take new approaches. We will also explore opportunities for funded projects to work with communities of place and future environmentalists. You will be able to choose your workshop on arrival.

During the afternoon, Leigh, our Nature for All EDI Officer will be on hand with information on the developing EDI training fortnight 2024 and for any queries about the project.

In the evening, we’ll hear from Dr Richard Dixon, one of LINK’s Honorary Fellows, who will speak to us over dinner, with his experience of achieving policy change and the tactics that work, including engaging local communities and amplifying their voices. You will receive a form about your menu choices, and any access requirements, by email.

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