UK Links biennial conference 2021 session 1: Setting our seas on a path to recovery

31 Aug 2021

via zoom

The levers for change: Environment Links UK biennial conference 2021

31 August 1130 – 1330: Session 1: Setting our seas on a path to recovery

Our seas are one of the UK’s greatest assets and yet, under pressure like never before. They provide vital ecosystem services, including food provision, protection from storms, nutrient cycling and mitigation of climate change impacts, but ongoing destruction of marine habitats and ecosystems impair their ability to provide these life-sustaining benefits.

Transformative change in how we use, manage, connect to, and ultimately protect and recover our ocean is urgently needed. To ensure that nature thrives, and the ecosystem service provided by the marine environment are available to future generations, our Administrations and Governments must commit to delivering ocean recovery.

For the opening session of Environment Links UK biennial meeting 2021, Scottish Environment LINK invites you to reflect on the actions needed to set our part of the global Ocean on a path to recovery! We will also showcase the inspiring stories of communities who work to protect and enhance Scotland’s marine environment.

Get ready to be inspired! Joining details here.

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