UK Links biennial conference 2021: session 3: Could all jobs be Green Jobs?

07 Sep 2021

via zoom

The levers for change: Environment Links UK biennial conference 2021

7 September 1130 – 1330: Could all jobs be Green Jobs?

The public profile of ‘green jobs’ is on the rise. Over the last year, members of Link organisations have worked hard to position ourselves as employers of good quality green jobs; the agents of a green recovery. However, recent reports, such as Westminster’s Green Jobs Taskforce, have placed emphasis on green skills and greening of the workforce as a whole.

In this online interactive event, we will consider the merits of broadening our vision for green jobs to include a much greater share of the 35 million employees. Where are the opportunities to involve all workers in positive steps towards recovery of nature and building climate resilience? Which professions could do with green skills injection from Link organisations? How do Link organisations help all of government gain a rounded view of what green jobs are, and what they can do?

Led by NI Environment Link and the Ecosystems Knowledge Network. Joining details here.

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