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Are you an MSP? Find out how to sign up to the Nature Champion initiative!

Graham Simpson MSP, Nature Champion for the Ash tree and the Bilberry Bumblebee, picture with a Bilberry Bumblebee at Ben Lawers NNR.

Graham Simpson MSP, Nature Champion for the Ash tree and the Bilberry Bumblebee, picture with a Bilberry Bumblebee at Ben Lawers NNR.


Thank you for being a voice for nature in the Scottish Parliament.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Nature Champion. Your support is vital in raising awareness and promoting action to restore and safeguard Scotland’s environment for the future.

Within this UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, there has never been greater need for clear political leadership in order to address both the nature and climate crises. The Nature Champions initiative is one small way of ensuring that the nature and climate crises are considered at the heart of Scottish politics and government.


How does the Nature Champions initiative work?

As the Nature Champion for a threatened or iconic species or habitat, you will be partnered with one of Scottish Environment LINK’s member organisations. This organisation or organisations (where they are partnering on a particular species or habitat) will be leading on the protection and recovery of your species or habitat within Scotland. They will provide you with more information over the course of your championship around the conservation context, threats and actions needed to protect your species or habitat. These host organisations, where possible, will also offer site visits to see your species or habitat in its natural environment.

Over the course of the Parliamentary session, you will have the opportunity to develop an in-depth knowledge of your species or habitat, as well as gaining an awareness of their social, ecological and economic value for Scotland. Equally, you will be able to meet many of the other organisations, individuals and communities who are passionate about your species or habitat.

As a Nature Champion, you will be the voice of your species or habitat within the Scottish Parliament. As such, many Nature Champions raise awareness of their species or habitat in Parliament through debates, motions and questions. At the end of the Parliamentary session, Nature Champions are encouraged to champion a new species or habitat, but they are welcome to continue championing their existing species or habitat if they are keen to do so!


If you are interested in becoming a Nature Champion, then please contact Andrew Marks, Nature Champions Coordinator, at

View all of the current Nature Champions of this Parliamentary session here

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