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Are you an MSP? Find out how to sign up to the Nature Champion initiative.

What opportunities does Nature Champions offer to MSPs?

While offering an opportunity for MSPs to get out of the office and experience some of Scotland’s amazing nature, the initiative looks to address failing nature policies by highlighting the need for habitats and species to be protected and for the benefits of a thriving natural environment to be considered in all aspects of decision-making.

Nature Champions have the opportunity to meet their species or visit their habitat on a site visit as well as participate in conservation work and engagement activities. This experience can then be brought back into parliament where parliamentary questions, motions and debates are used to promote action and push for positive change. Nature Champions is a partnership initiative. MSPs work together with environmental organisations and other MSPs, for the benefit of Scotland’s natural environment.


How does it link to the bigger picture?

2021 is the year of important global moments for the environment. The UN will decide on a new 10-year framework for biodiversity under the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) at its 15th Conference of Parties (COP15) in Spring 2022. However, a new international deal for nature must be matched by domestic ambition to bend the curve of biodiversity loss and deliver commitments made under the CBD. If Scotland is to maintain its international reputation for nature and landscape, we need to step up action to protect and maintain our rich variety of habitats and the iconic and endangered species that depend upon them. This is an opportunity for MSP Champions to take real action in tackling both the climate and nature emergencies as well as engage more closely with constituents who are interested in these issues.


How MSPs can sign up

The need to have informed, passionate and supportive MSPs in parliament ensuring our wildlife and environment has a voice has never been more critical. MSPs can contact our Nature Advocacy Officer at to get signed up.






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