Nature For All


Nature for All is LINK’s equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) project that is supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund as a response to LINK’s member survey conducted in 2021.

In the survey we asked questions about age, disability, race, and gender diversity in member organisations and about levels of knowledge and confidence in in data collection and implementing EDI measures and approaches. We found a disparity in recording these characteristics, and medium to low confidence levels from member organisations. Therefore, LINK created the Nature for All project to support members to establish diversity and inclusion excellence as core values and practices in their own organisation and across the LINK network. 

Nature for All aims to build inclusion and diversity in Scotland’s environment sector, working with LINK member organisations to provide them with the confidence, skills, and knowledge to able to increase the diversity and equality of those who want to be part of Scotland’s voice for the environment.  


Our ultimate aim is to increase the opportunity for engagement from those of different ages, ethnic minorities, different genders, and disabled people, as well as those with one or more protected characteristics. This includes minority sexual orientations; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy and m/paternity leave; and all types of religion. We hope that opening doors to those who have protected characteristics will become involved with LINK member bodies and more widely in environmental issues.  

The project will develop online resources as well as online and face-to-face training, freely available through LINK’s website. These resources will be designed to equip LINK member bodies with the information and skills they need for their journey with EDI. These will be led by LINK’s EDI Officer, with support from member bodies and organisations, such as CEMVO 

We hope to fuel inclusion, by understanding where the issues lie, to facilitate that change, to promote equity and equality, and to overall diversity the LINK network. 

This project is coordinated and led by LINK’s EDI Officer, contact: Leigh Abbott 


Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Fortnight

In May 2023, LINK hosted an EDI Fortnight for members – a series of online workshops on a variety of topics related to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Recordings and resources from the fortnight can now be viewed online, for LINK members only here.

Previous events

Congress 2022- Wellbeing for all. Blogs and outputs are outlined below.



Wellbeing for all (Deborah Long, September 2022)

Disability & Neurodiversity at Work workshop (Leigh Abbott, September 2022)

Getting back through kindness (Mike Robinson, October 2022)

Disability & Neurodiversity at Work workshop materials (Leigh Abbott, September 2022)


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group

A steering group for the project supports the EDI Officer by offering advice on priorities and activities, revising draft documents, and monitoring progress towards project objectives. For further information, please see Our Society: EDI Steering Group.


Nature for All- background

LINK’s Nature for All initiative is a three-year funded project from the National Lottery Heritage Fund that is designed to support diversity, equality, equity, and inclusion (EDI) across the membership of Scottish Environment LINK.

LINK is grateful to the National Lottery Heritage Fund for their 3-year grant in support of this project.


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