Nature For All Resource Hub

Nature is for all, and nature needs all of us.

We need voices from everyone to tackle environmental issues, now more than ever.

Many people don’t have access to nature, feel that they don’t belong in the environment sector, or cannot join the environment sector due to life circumstances.

We want to change this by making things accessible to those who cannot access nature in volunteering or work by creating inclusive cultures to further promote social justice and climate justice.

We believe that this resource hub will help facilitate that change.

The Nature for All Resource Hub provides tools to our members to enhance confidence, skills, and knowledge in equality, equity, and inclusion to increase the diversity, volume, and size of Scotland’s voice for the environment. 

Nobody knows everything, and this is a space for correcting mistakes and learning how to be the most inclusive that you can be!

We encourage you to read the materials on the hub first, then to create an Equality Policy, a Diversity Action Plan, and to monitor your progress through an Equality Impact Assessment.

As this hub has contents which require a member account, you must be a Scottish Environment LINK member organisation to be able to access some of these materials. The reason for some of the contents being member access only is due to contractual agreements between internal and external organisations, and for the recordings of events where attendees are visible to remain internal. 

The Nature for All Resource Hub and project is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Made possible with National Lottery Heritage Fund logo


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