About Us

Nature for All is LINK’s equality, diversity, and inclusion project. We work with LINK member organisations to provide them with the confidence, skills, and knowledge to be able to increase the diversity of Scotland’s voice for the environment. 

LINK aims to fuel inclusion, by understanding where the issues lie, to facilitate that change, to promote equity and equality, and above all to diversify the LINK network. 


The Nature for All Resource Hub contents were created and adapted by the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer. It is an ongoing development and is updated regularly. All internal and external resources are checked by the EDI Steering Group of Scottish Environment LINK and EDI Group of Wildlife and Countryside LINK. However, not all external consultants have been verified, so it is your own discretion if you are to use them.

We are supported by our member organisations, and external organisations such as CEMVO Scotland.

However, we acknowledge that links and updates need to be regularly checked and updated. If you are a member organisation of ScotLINK and would like to suggest any work to be added to the hub, or if you have any feedback regarding the resource hub, please contact us at leigh@scotlink.org or information@scotlink.org.

The Nature for All Resource hub has been marked as 91+ accessible on all pages. We understand that there is still room for improvement and we are looking at ways to do that.

All imagery on the main page of the hub is provided by Pride Outside, iStock and Ramblers Scotland.

The Nature for All project is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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