Nature Recovery Targets Letter from MSP Species Champions to Cabinet Secretary

05 Nov 2020

30 MSP Species Champions signed a letter to the Cabinet Secretary for the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform calling on the Scottish Government to deliver an ambitious, legally binding set of targets and milestones to secure nature recovery. The letter, organised by Scottish Environment LINK, calls on the Scottish Government to champion nature.

Real action is needed to protect our environment so that it can continue to amaze us but also to continue performing the critical functions that enhance our health and wellbeing and are the foundation of our prosperity as a nation. In order to be world leading on nature recovery, Scotland must support a clear global goal to restore nature, with legally binding targets to address the nature emergency.

While fun and light hearted, the Species Champion initiative ultimately looks to address failing environmental policies and increasing threats on our natural environment by highlighting the need for habitats and species to be better protected, for the benefits of a thriving natural environment to be considered in all aspects of decision-making. At a time when environmental issues are increasingly brought to the fore, the need to have informed, passionate and supportive MSPs in Parliament ensuring our wildlife has a voice has never been more critical. By signing this letter, MSP Champions have taken the opportunity to champion not just their given species and its habitat but also wider policies and strategies with a significant impact on Scotland’s environment, climate, land and sea management. Thank you to the 30 Species Champions for standing up for nature and supporting the development of Scottish nature recovery targets.

Click here to view the letterSpecies Champions Joint Letter


Juliet Caldwell

Nature Advocacy Officer at Scottish Environment LINK


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