The LINK Marine Group vision is of healthy, well-managed seas, where wildlife and coastal communities flourish and ecosystems are protected, connected and thriving.

The Marine Group members are listed below.

This work stream is supported by grants from the John Ellerman Foundation and the William Grant Foundation from April 2021.

We are grateful to the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, the John Ellerman Foundation, the Tay Charitable Trust, the Marine Conservation Society and WWF Scotland for financial support of our marine work since 2007.


Calum Duncan (Marine Conservation Society)

Staff Liaison

Fanny Royanez and Esther Brooker

Group Objectives

The Marine Group advocates actions to recover Scotland’s Seas.

Our vision is of healthy, well-managed seas, where wildlife and coastal communities flourish and ecosystems are protected, connected and thriving.

LINK’s Marine Group has an aquaculture workstream which aims to promote a more sustainable aquaculture industry in Scotland.

The Marine Group coordinate the Save Scottish Seas campaign and the annual Sea Scotland conference.

Latest News


Sharing our blue space: Sea Scotland 2024 summary

12 Jun 2024

Deborah Long, Scottish Environment LINK Chief Officer retraces Sea Scotland 2024, which was held on 3rd and 4th June at Stirling Court Hotel. Sea Scotland 2024 kicked off with our morning youth event, Making waves: Sea Scotland Youth Voices. An enthusiastic, knowledgeable and thoughtful group of 15 young people came together to find out more […]


Mind the MPA gap: Scotland still has a long way to go to protect its marine treasures

05 Jun 2024

Scotland’s stunning coastline and rich marine biodiversity are celebrated worldwide. To better protect these fragile ecosystems, the Scottish Government has established a network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). However, a new research report has recently shed light on the pressing need for greater protection within this network. In this blog post, we’ll delve into this […]


Scotland’s marine protected areas need real protection

21 Feb 2024

Scotland’s seas are renowned for their rich biodiversity. From fish to birds, marine mammals to invertebrates, they are home to thousands of fantastic species of plants and animals. They are loved by communities, are a key component of Scotland’s cultural heritage and identity, as well as a vital resource for those who rely on marine […]

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