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Read our contribution to the Scottish Government’s conversation about ‘Creating a Fairer Scotland’ 21 January 2016 here LINK Fairer Scotland Response 21 Jan 2016


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Name & Details

Group Objectives

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Latest News


An enforceable right to a healthy environment: Now is the time for Scotland to deliver

02 Aug 2023

By Benjamin Brown, Policy & Advocacy Officer at Environmental Rights Centre for Scotland From the sewage spilling into Scotland’s rivers and seas, to the toxic chemicals entering our food, our right to a healthy environment is being violated. We face a triple planetary emergency of climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, and the pollution of our air, […]


National park plan should be an opportunity to secure and increase rural jobs, not threaten them

01 Jun 2022

The consultation on the Cairngorms national park plan has generated a huge response, with nearly 1,500 people – residents and visitors alike - making their views known. While 75% of respondents were supportive, fears have been raised over rural workers’ jobs.

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