Leigh Abbott

Leigh is the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer for LINK and leads the “Nature for All” project; a three-year funded project from the National Lottery Heritage Fund that is designed to support diversity, equality, equity, and inclusion across the membership of Scottish Environment LINK.

In terms of who Leigh is:

  • She was voted Top 80 Neurodiversity Evangelists UK 2023.
  • Her background is in cognitive neuroscience (MRes and BSc in Psychology) with a Microcredential in Intercultural Understanding and Emotional Resilience in Times of Uncertainty.
  • She can sign at conversational level in British Sign Language (BSL).
  • Aside from her advocacy work, Leigh created materials for the University of Glasgow MOOC course titled Uniting for a Sustainable Future: An Introduction to Global Sustainability. 

Leigh works part-time at Scottish Environment LINK and her working days are Mondays & Wednesdays (9am – 5:30pm), and Tuesdays (9am – 4pm). 


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