Lloyd Austin

Lloyd has had a long engagement with LINK.  Having worked for RSPB Scotland for over 28 years, he has served on many LINK groups, including the board for 15 years and its Chair for three years.  He continues to have a role in convening the LINK Governance Group and leading its work on Brexit.

He is an experienced environmental policy analyst and advocate.  With over 30 years’ experience working for NGOs, Lloyd has a demonstrable track record in influencing legislation and policy development.  With NGOs or NGO umbrella groups, primarily in Scotland but also at UK level and overseas, he has worked as an expert in environmental law and policy. He has worked in areas such as nature conservation, climate change, marine management, planning and environmental justice/governance.  He has been engaged in or led NGO arguments in several major planning cases, up to and including Judicial Review.  He has presented both written and oral evidence to UK and Scottish Parliamentary Committees and to Public Local Inquiries.

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