Mark Lazarowicz

Mark’s commitment to the promotion of environmental sustainability has informed his public life as an elected representative, most recently as MP for Edinburgh North & Leith between 2001 and 2015.  Mark was a member of the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, actively contributing its reports, which have been widely welcomed by the environmental policy community and campaigners. He was also involved in work to promote environmental sustainability at international level. Mark is keen to apply his knowledge and experience on a wide range of environmental issues.  Mark has good contacts at Scottish and UK levels, experience of European institutions and of working with NGOs in the UK. At a personal level, he is active in promoting community energy in Edinburgh, and in local environmental projects there. He was a leading Edinburgh City Councillor for many years, with a strong record in promoting walking, cycling, and sustainable transport. He is a practising advocate at the Scottish bar.


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