Pat Monaghan

Pat Monaghan is currently the Regius Professor of Zoology at the University of Glasgow. She did her PhD on seabirds at Durham University. Pat is an internationally recognised scientist, who has received a number of awards for her work. She runs a well-funded research programme concerned with how environmental changes influence animal life histories. This is primarily on birds, including seabirds and passerines, but has also included work on insects, amphibians, fish and mammals. Her research is multidisciplinary, and spans population level changes through to molecular mechanisms. Pat has a long standing interest in nature conservation, and has been involved with several conservation bodies including Scottish Natural Heritage and its predecessors, The RSPB and the British Trust for Ornithology, as well as scientific societies. She has supervised over 40 PhD students, many of whom have gone on to very successful careers in the conservation world.

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