10 Myths about Third Party Rights of Appeal

30th August 2005
  • Myth 1: TPRA would add significantly to delays in the planning system
  • Myth 2: TPRA would add to the cost of the planning system
  • Myth 3: TPRA would create a ‘meddler’s charter’
  • Myth 4: TPRA would be a deterrent to investment in the economy
  • Myth 5: TPRA would undermine local democracy
  • Myth 6: TPRA would create an unmanageable administrative burden
  • Myth 7: The supporters of TPRA are unrepresentative of communities, fundamentally opposed to change, and would object to any development
  • Myth 8: Other improvements in the planning system, such as greater front-end consultation, are more important that TPRA and should be pursued instead.
  • Myth 9: TPRA would block social developments, such as schools and hospitals
  • Myth 10: TPRA would reinforce an adversarial approach

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