Coastal and Marine National Parks – Scotland’s Opportunity

14th December 2005

This paper represents the views of the LINK members listed below on the design and management of Scotland’s first Coastal and Marine National Park (CMNP). It is intended to contribute to advice to Ministers being developed by SNH by March 2006 in relation to the location, design and management of the first CMNP. Our recommendations here complement the broader-scale improvements in marine management we hope will result from the proposed UK Marine Bill and, in due course, a Marine (Scotland) Act1. In particular, we believe a Marine Act is needed in Scotland to deliver a comprehensive network of marine reserves for nationally important habitats and species, as well as a Marine Spatial Planning system and a lead Marine Authority. While a CMNP clearly cannot deliver these more strategic needs, we believe it can demonstrate better management in one outstanding area of coast and sea, and will complement future policy developments.

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