Introductory environment briefings for MSPs

27th May 2021

Members have prepared a series of briefings covering the wide variety of environmental issues LINK’s groups work on.  Representing the collective view of LINK members, each of these briefings set out five key things to know about a specific issue concerning our environment and society. Covering ten interdependent environmental issues in total, we hope these briefings will prove useful to MSPs and other decision makers in their efforts to tackle the nature and climate emergencies. 

As we enter the sixth session of the Scottish Parliament, the nature and climate emergencies are more real than ever before and the need for action more urgent. Human activity is driving dramatic declines in wildlife and habitats at rates never seen before. One out of nine species in Scotland is at the risk of extinction. Climate change is further exacerbating these trends. In order to restore our nature and end our contribution to climate change, we need a coherent and holistic approach to nature and climate. Bold action and transformative change is needed now if we are to successfully restore nature and tackle climate change. We hope the knowledge and expertise in these briefings as well as the changes they ask for are listened to.


Our briefings:

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