Reaction to Defra environmental principles and watchdog consultation

1st January 1970

In response to the public consultation launched on 10 May by the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Scottish Environment LINK Chair Charles Dundas of Woodland Trust Scotland noted the following:

“We note the publication of the Defra England and UK reserved matters consultation on the creation of a new independent environmental watchdog and the application of environmental principles. The issues that the consultation seeks to address are common to all four countries of the UK and emanate as a result of the UK’s exit from the EU. Given the devolved nature of environmental policy, we have welcomed the Scottish Government’s commitment to ensuring that the internationally recognised principles of environmental law captured in EU Treaties are carried forward in domestic law in Scotland. What is more, the Scottish Government has committed to addressing the entire spectrum of governance functions that so far have been carried out by EU bodies, including the critical role of the European Commission and European Court of Justice. We expect the Scottish Government proposals on environmental governance and principles to deliver the highest levels of environmental protection and accountability and drive ambition across the UK.”


For more information, please contact Daphne Vlastari, Scottish Environment LINK Advocacy Manager (; 0131 225 4345)

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