Restoration Fund is a positive step for Scotland’s nature

06 Nov 2021

Scottish Environment LINK welcomes today’s announcement of increased government funding to restore and protect nature.

The Nature Restoration Fund will commit to at least £13.5 million annually to restore and protect Scotland’s nature – a vital step to fund the work needed to help restore Scotland’s habitats and species. From restoring Scotland’s wetlands, marine habitats and species and iconic habitats on land, including native woodlands and mountain areas, this commitment to a 5-year Nature Restoration Fund will help drive momentum towards halting the loss and restoring Scotland’s nature by 2030. This commitment to multi-annual public funding provides the leadership for other sectors to step up and help conserve Scotland’s national treasure: its nature.

Scottish Environment LINK Chief Officer, Deborah Long, said:

“Scotland is renowned for our nature on land and at sea. But the health of our species and habitats is declining. The Nature Restoration Fund is a hugely welcome and important weapon in our fight against nature loss and climate change. With global nature targets being agreed at the Biodiversity COP15 in Spring 2022, which will guide Scotland’s new Biodiversity Strategy, this fund provides the basis for significant progress towards the level of transformative action for Scotland’s species and habitats that is needed. By investing in multi-year, multi scale projects, focussed on the species and habitats that need most help, the future for Scotland’s nature, young people and communities across Scotland looks a lot more promising.”

Alistair Whyte, Director of Plantlife Scotland and convener of LINK’s Wildlife Group, said:

“Investing in Scotland’s wildlife is a win for species, habitats, and local communities. The Nature Restoration Fund announcement is a first step in the fight against biodiversity loss, helping to give Scotland’s wildlife a fighting chance for the future.  Alongside the Nature Restoration Fund, we are eager to hear details on additional funding for significant ecosystem restoration in Scotland’s rainforest, as announced by the Scottish Government earlier this week. We then look forward to the construction of a wider programme of ecosystem restoration across the country, to help Scotland move up from its current place in the world’s lowest ranks of biodiversity intactness.”


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