Scottish Environment LINK Manifesto for the 2019 European Parliament elections

13 May 2019

Ahead of the 2019 European Parliament elections, Scottish Environment LINK have issued a manifesto.

Our world faces an unprecedented ecological crisis: scientists from across the globe are ringing the alarm when it comes to the reality of climate breakdown and unparalleled loss of nature which will compromise jobs and livelihoods.

When it comes to our environment, Scotland, the UK, other EU Member States and the world as a whole face the same challenges, from climate change to the proliferation of invasive species to air pollution and the over-consumption of raw materials. Joint ambition and cooperation are therefore critical. A critically important decade lies ahead where action is needed to develop a new Global Deal for Nature and ensure a clear trajectory for meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals in 2030.

Scotland’s environment is our greatest national asset and of global importance. Scotland is home to a third of Europe’s breeding seabirds, our waters make up a staggering 13 per cent of all European seas while one of Europe’s largest expanses of blanket bog peatlands is found in Caithness and Sutherland.

Given the scale of the challenge which our planet is facing, regardless of Scotland’s constitutional future, we cannot afford to unpick existing environmental standards. We need to build on environmental laws to ensure that our nature is protected now and in the future.

Members of the European Parliament will help co-develop EU policy at a critical juncture where accelerated action is needed to transition to a sustainable economy where we live in harmony with our environment.

Scottish MEPs must support ambitious action to protect and enhance our environment whether it is contributing to the development and achievement of ambitious EU policies for the environment or spearheading actions by progressive domestic policies.

We call on Scottish MEP candidates to:

  1. Support the transition to an environmentally sustainable economy 
  2. Ensure environmental laws are implemented 
  3. Support ambitions climate action to limit temperature change to 1.5°C degrees
  4. Protect our natural environment 

Read the full manifesto here.


For more information contact:

Daphne Vlastari, LINK Advocacy Manager

E-mail: | Tel: 0131 244 4345

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