Species Champions: Badger

The badger is Scotland’s largest native mammal after red deer. Badgers roam far afield at night, with a varied diet, but mainly of earthworms. Badgers have a complex territorial family life in clans, with males (boars) frequently wounded in fights. There are around 9,500 badger setts in Scotland.       Image (c) Sandra Graham

Action Needed

  1. Support the current Protection of Badgers Act 1992 (as amended in Scotland) and resist any appeal.
  2. Support better resourcing of Police Scotland and Scottish Badgers to advise the public and agencies on prevention of badger disturbance.
  3. Ensure the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy is fully implemented


Illegal dog and badger fighting, and development activities in forestry, farming, housebuilding and infrastructure. 50% of badger crimes are the failure to apply for a licence for allowed badger disturbance.

MSP Species Champion

Colin Smyth

Member for: South Scotland

Party: Scottish Labour Party

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