Nature Champions: Blue Whale

Blue Whale (c) Lucy Molleson WDC

Blue whales are the largest animal ever known to have lived. The waters to the north and west of Scotland remain important habitat, particularly the Faroes-Shetland Channel and Rockall Trough. Some migrate south to breed, while others are found in Scottish waters all year round. They were hunted almost to extinction before whaling was banned in 1966.

Action Needed

  1. Work for designation of offshore MPAs and inclusion of blue whale protection in management plans.
  2. Press for cetacean at-sea monitoring to meet the requirements of the Habitats Directive Article 11.
  3. Ensure the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy is fully implemented


Noise pollution from seismic surveys for oil and gas, increasing shipping noise, and military activities. Collision with ships.

MSP Nature Champion

Kenneth Gibson

Member for: Cunninghame North

Region: West of Scotland

Party: Scottish National Party

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