Nature Champions: Bog Sun-jumper Spider

Image of a Bog Sun-jumper Spider resting on a piece of sphagnum moss

This jumping spider is known from just five sites in central Scotland, fragments of what was once an extensive bog network. It has distinctive iridescent green mouthparts which function as an organ of taste. A specialist of raised bogs, it is found at the base of grassy tussocks.

Action Needed

  • Help protect sites from peat extraction, drainage and afforestation. 
  • Support restoration of degraded bog to expand future habitats. 
  • Engage constituents in learning about and visiting bog habitats. 
  • Ensure the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy is fully implemented.


90% of UK lowland raised bogs have been destroyed. What remains is threatened by commercial peat extraction, drainage, overgrazing, climate change and afforestation.

MSP Nature Champion

Michelle Thomson

Member for: Falkirk East

Region: Central Scotland

Party: Scottish National Party

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