Species Champions: Daubenton’s bat


The Daubenton’s bat is a medium-sized bat species. They have shiny, red-brown fur with a pale underside and a round face. They have a steady flight, often within a few centimetres of the water surface and is reminiscent of a small hovercraft. Their main diet consists of midges, caddis flies, pond skaters and mayflies. In summer they roost in buildings, tunnels, under bridges and trees. In winter, they hibernate in caves, mines and other underground sites.

Action Needed

  1. Promote public awareness of bats.
  2. Ensure the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy is fully implemented.
  3. Increase awareness of the value of bats.
  4. Increase and improve official records of this species.
  5. Increase knowledge and understanding of roosting habits in Scotland.


Vulnerability to poor water quality due to feeding habits.

Loss of roosts due to renovation of properties and other man-made structures such as bridges without retaining access for bats.

Negative perceptions.

MSP Species Champion

Annabelle Ewing

Member for: Cowdenbeath

Party: Scottish National Party

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