Nature Champions: Palmate Newt


Palmate newts prefer shallow water on acidic soil and are common in Scotland.  Adults are up to 9cm in length.  They have a smooth skin which can be brown, green or grey.  They have an unspotted pink or yellow throat.  During the breeding season the males develop a filament at the tip of their tail and webbing on the back feet.  Palmate newts and smooth newts are often confused and incorrectly identified. Very difficult to distinguish Palmate Newt eggs from Smooth Newt eggs.  Greyish-brown or dirty white eggs surrounded by a transparent jelly capsule that is about 3 mm across. Eggs deposited individually on leaves of aquatic plants.


Images: © 2022 Froglife

Action Needed

  • Increased habitat creation, restoration & management
  • More consideration within the planning process for Palmate Newt in the early stages
  • Ensure that the Scottish Biodiversity Action Plan is fully implemented


Habitat destruction and fragmentation; intensified agriculture; climate change.

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