Species Champions: Pond Mud Snail


Historically found as far north as Perth, the Pond mud snail has become extinct in much of England and Wales, and lost from 64% of former sites in Scotland. It is thought that only five populations now survive in Scotland.

The Pond mud snail lives in soft, nutrient-poor marshes, ditches and temporary pools, and its presence is often used to indicate water and habitat quality. If pools dry up in the summer, the snails burrow into mud and become dormant.

Action Needed

  1. Support a captive breeding programme involving local primary schools.
  2. Support agri-environment initiatives.
  3. Ensure the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy is fully implemented.


  1. Drainage of agricultural land to increase productivity and tackle liver fluke in livestock.
  2. Siltation and enrichment of water due to inappropriate ploughing and grazing.

MSP Species Champion

Alison Harris

Member for: Central Scotland

Party: Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party

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