Nature Champions: Sea Trout


A migratory form of the Brown trout, which goes to sea to feed before returning to spawn. Like Atlantic salmon, they remain in coastal or estuarine areas close to their natal river. A recently-returned Sea trout is distinctively silvery, returning to Brown trout colours in the river.

Action Needed

  • Support removal of obstacles to migration in rivers
  • Support regulation of land use in catchment areas to reduce nutrient and soil pollution
  • Protect Sandeels through Marine Protected Areas and fisheries regulation.
  • Ensure the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy is fully implemented


Loss of spawning river gravel habitat, physical barriers to migration, exploitation, pollution, sea-lice, temperature change, decline in Sandeels.

MSP Nature Champion

Jackie Dunbar

Member for: Aberdeen Donside

Region: North East Scotland

Party: Scottish National Party

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