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The chance to share your views on Scotland’s Circular Economy Bill

10 Aug 2023

The Scottish Government brought forward its long awaited Circular Economy Bill towards the end of June.  This bill was one of the pieces of legislation thwarted by COVID 19, so is somewhat overdue. The Bill is currently being considered by the Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee, who are collecting evidence and views until September […]

LINK members welcome new Circular Economy Bill

14 Jun 2023

Scottish Environment LINK welcomes the publication of the Scottish Government’s Circular Economy Bill. This bill establishes the framework to guide a transition to a more circular economy, including a commitment to introduce consumption reduction targets and plans to meet circular economy objectives. LINK members welcome this as a significant step to drive a more comprehensive […]

Wake-up Call

26 Apr 2022

Since the 1970s our global consumption of natural resources has tripled – taking a devastating toll on our planet. Our lifestyles and ever-increasing appetite for raw materials have now destroyed [i]two-thirds of the world’s rainforests, [ii]half the coral reefs, and [iii]87% of all wetlands. A staggering [iv]90 percent of the world’s biodiversity loss has been […]

Scotland’s National Strategy for Economic Transformation towards a wellbeing economy is a good start

01 Mar 2022

Scottish Environment LINK welcomes the recognition of environmental objectives in Scotland’s National Strategy for Economic Transformation and looks forward to  more robust plans to deliver towards our nature positive, net zero targets as part of a Just Transition. Today marks the publication of the long awaited new strategy for economic transformation, Delivering Economic Prosperity. On […]

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