UK Marine Bill Throws Down Gauntlet for Management of Scotland’s Seas.

29 Mar 2007

Welcoming the publication today of the long-awaited consultation paper on a UK Marine Bill, Scottish Environment LINK’s Marine Task Force said that it is now up to the Scottish Executive to show that we can deliver for Scotland’s seas. Task Force Convenor, Calum Duncan, said,

“This could be the biggest breakthrough for managing our seas in centuries. For years environment groups north and south of the border have campaigned for marine legislation to resolve the destructive ‘free-for-all’ that is failing both our seas and coastal livelihoods. This UK-wide consultation sets up a general framework for reserved activities. What we need now is a tailor-made Scottish Marine Act to deliver on the whole range of devolved marine issues, from conservation and marine protected areas to renewable energy, fisheries, pollution and aquaculture. A Scottish Marine Act could finally deliver the healthy, abundant seas supporting, for the long-term, many thousands of Scottish livelihoods, which is the objective of the Executive’s own marine and coastal strategy. ”

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