Video campaign for Scotland’s seas

19 Jan 2015

DontTakeTheP_youtube_websiteMembers of this campaign are deeply concerned that potential new management measures for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) risk failing to protect and recover the very sea life which MPAs have been set up to protect. We have produced a video which aims to graphically explain the situation and why we must avoid “bureaucracy without benefits.”

The proposals issued by the Scottish Government outline a range of scenarios for 20 inshore MPAs, some of which would allow fishing methods such as scallop-dredging and bottom-trawling to continue to damage seabed habitats. This on-going damage to the seafloor has wider, knock-on impacts for our other marine life such as fish, seabirds and marine mammals, which move around, feeding and breeding in these important areas of our sea. The plans are subject to public consultation which closes on 2nd February 2015. Having assessed the consultation options, we are urging people to support stronger protection and support our ACTION: #DontTakeTheP

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