Environmental charities welcome long-term action plan to reverse nature loss

07 Sep 2023

A coalition of environmental charities has welcomed the publication of a major consultation outlining the next steps in the Scottish Government’s approach to reversing nature loss.

The consultation includes elements of the forthcoming Natural Environment Bill such as the introduction of legal targets for nature restoration as well as the details of the first delivery plan for the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy.

Scottish Environment LINK welcomes this opportunity to respond to the strategy, and will work to ensure the Scottish Government’s approach is ambitious enough to halt the loss of nature by 2030 and make significant progress to restoring nature by 2045.

Dr Deborah Long, Scottish Environment LINK’s Chief Officer, said:

“Scotland has suffered a high level of historic nature loss, and we face even greater threats today. We must protect and restore our precious natural environment for our benefit and for future generations.

“This new framework includes crucial steps to restoring nature, including the establishment of legal targets – putting nature restoration on the same standing as tackling climate change.

“The Scottish Biodiversity Framework must be ambitious, and must focus not just on nature protection, but, crucially, on restoration. Our battered ecosystems need to be rebuilt if they are to function properly.

“The overall Scottish Biodiversity Strategy and subsequent delivery plans must drive a step change to accelerate the pace and scale of our efforts to halt the loss of biodiversity. Business as usual will not be enough.

“This transition will require a whole of society approach. As stewards of our lands and seas, communities and industry have an important role as we work together to restore nature and create a greener, fairer and more prosperous Scotland for all.”


Image: Sandra Graham

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