Fresh eyes, new perspectives: a personal view of 2 year’s worth of change

07 May 2019

Read our latest blog from our Chief Officer, Deborah Long –

After more than 17 years working for small environmental and cultural charities in Scotland, I left the eNGO sector for two years. And now I’m back. Coming back in with fresh eyes has been a revelation. Some things have changed and others haven’t but the clarity of a new perspective has been invaluable.

What’s changed?

  1. The value given to working cooperatively and collaboratively: two years ago, environmental bodies in Scotland rubbed along, usually pulling in the same direction although not always. That marriage of convenience has changed into a marriage of necessity as this sector and others respond to external and significant threats, including the current consitutional crises. There has been a realisation that we face enormous challenges and that if any one of us wants to achieve our broad objective of making Scotland a sustainable place to live, work and play then we have to work together in defending the environment. (more…)
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