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More than 80% of Scots say they are concerned about the Environment

10 Sep 2019

A new poll released today shows that more than three quarters of the Scottish public (86 per cent) say they are concerned about the potential threats to wildlife from climate change, habitat loss and pollution. In addition to this, a staggering 94 per cent have expressed that they see Scotland’s natural environment as ‘very important’ […]


LINK Welcomes Strong Climate Emergency Theme to Programme for Government but Urges Further Action to Ensure That Scotland’s Natural World is Safeguarded from Brexit  

04 Sep 2019

Given the overwhelming public support for action the new Programme for Government falls short of expectations. A recent survey undertaken by Survation on behalf of Scottish Environment LINK, a coalition of Scotland’s leading environmental charities has found that as many as 84% of Scots want the same or higher levels of environmental standards in the […]

Cross-sector coalition calls for a strong Circular Economy Bill

28 Aug 2019

A coalition of over 30 organisations is launched today calling for an ambitious and comprehensive Circular Economy bill.

bottlenose dolphin (C) Charlie Philips

Launch of consultation on 4 proposed marine protected areas

07 Jun 2019

Scottish Environment LINK Marine Group members welcome the launch of a public consultation proposing to designate four new nature conservation MPAs for mobile species and seabed habitats.

Scottish Environment LINK Manifesto for the 2019 European Parliament elections

13 May 2019

Ahead of the 2019 European Parliament elections, Scottish Environment LINK have issued a manifesto. Our world faces an unprecedented ecological crisis: scientists from across the globe are ringing the alarm when it comes to the reality of climate breakdown and unparalleled loss of nature which will compromise jobs and livelihoods. When it comes to our […]

Over 22,000 people demand a Scottish Environment Act

13 May 2019

More than 22,000 people, including primary school children, have written to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon calling for a Scottish Environment Act to protect Scotland’s nature and ensure Brexit doesn’t roll back crucial environmental protections. The calls come at a time of renewed focus on environmental issues, with the Scottish Government committing to reach net zero […]

SOS for sea life

10 May 2019

Joint Environment Links press release on the UK Marine Strategy consultation calling for a stronger approach on all 4 UK governments as only 4 out of 15 indicators of healthy seas are achieved.

Environmental Charities Demand Concrete Action for Scotland’s Nature

16 Feb 2019

Scottish Environment LINK, a coalition of 35 Scottish environmental charities, has welcomed the much-awaited Scottish Government consultation on environmental principles and governance in Scotland. At a time of great ecological crisis, the charities believe that the prospect of Brexit threatens to unravel critical environmental protections, and are urging members of the public to respond to […]

Call for Scotland to safeguard EU environmental laws to protect people and nature after Brexit. Article published 31/1 in the Scotsman

01 Feb 2019

 Article published by the Scotsman, 31 January 2019, by Ilona Amos. Scottish ministers have come under fire for a lack of progress on steps to protect the country’s environment after Brexit. Scotland and the UK are currently bound by a range of environmental laws as part of the EU, setting out requirements such as limits […]

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