The Woodland Group brings together members with an interest in forestry and woodland to discuss issues such as tree health; forestry policy; tree protection; woodland creation funding and targeting.

The Woodlands Group has a number of active members, a full list is shown below.



Alan McDonnell


Arina Russell

Staff liaison

Deborah Long

Latest News

8 in 10 Scots want focus on native woodlands

01 Dec 2022

An overwhelming majority of people in Scotland want forestry policy to prioritise native woodlands, according to a new opinion poll.  The Survation poll, commissioned by Scottish Environment LINK, found that 8 in 10 members of the public believe that the focus should be on native woodlands while only 1 in 10 believed that policy should […]

Invasive Non-Native Species: Should all Nature be Championed?

18 May 2022

Invasive Species Week  The international community is facing twin emergencies: climate change and biodiversity loss. These entangled crises demand swift action from policymakers and Nicola Sturgeon’s recent commitment to showing leadership on both crises is very welcomed. Tackling the nature crisis can feel even more complex than the climate crisis and yet it is paramount […]

Scotland’s Rainforest and the People It Supports

03 Mar 2021

Today is United Nations World Wildlife Day and this year’s theme is “Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet.” In recent years forests have attracted attention for their role in capturing carbon in the fight against climate change. They have sustained the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people globally for much longer than that. […]

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