Still Delivering the Goods

24th February 2021

This report builds on Scottish Environment LINK’s 2008 report Delivering the Goods by setting out 15 case studies of work undertaken by Scotland’s environmental charities to protect and enhance biodiversity, and thus to deliver on the objectives of the Scottish Government’s biodiversity strategy.

The case studies illustrate the critical role that NGOs play in levering external funding to benefit Scotland’s environment. They also demonstrate significant contributions to Scotland climate emergency response, with simultaneous and valuable cultural, well-being and socio-economic benefits. Despite the successes, however, this review also highlights the clear need for a step change in funding for biodiversity conservation. Environmental charities and civic society offer a key to success through their sustained action on the ground, working together at scale and over time.

Click here to read a summary of the report.

Click here to read the accompanying report which explores the wider context in which biodiversity policy has developed in Scotland and at international level.


See below to read the 15 case studies.

Completed & ongoing projects:

  1. Cairngorms Wild Plants Project
  2. Slamannan Bog Restoration
  3. Scottish Beaver Trial
  4. Protecting and restoring the Shiant Isles
  5. Woodland Pasture at Glen Finglas
  6. Save Scottish Seas
  7. Out There Award
  8. Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels


Ongoing & planned projects:

  1. Scotland’s B-lines
  2. Landscape Leadership
  3. Cairngorms Connect
  4. Hebridean Marine Mammal Monitoring
  5. Species on the Edge (multiple projects)
  6. Saving Morvern’s Rainforest
  7. Riverwoods


Full version below.

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