Scotlands First MSP Landscape Competition

05 Feb 2008

Scottish folksinger Jimmie Macgregor today (5th of February) announced that MSP Willie Coffey has won Scotland’s first MSP Landscape competition for his evocative description of Loudoun Valley in his Ayrshire constituency.

The competition, sponsored by Scottish Environment LINK, asked MSPs to name their best loved landscape with a brief explanation of what makes their landscape so special. The responses from 29 MSPs, including John Swinney, Patricia Ferguson, Murdo Fraser, Tavish Scot and Robin Harper, makes up a diverse picture of Scotland’s internationally renown landscapes. These include classic mountain chains, landmarks in towns and cities, beaches and urban green spaces.

Willie Coffey MSP won for describing his favourite landscape as:

“Breathtaking, Serene, Historic, Moody, Broody, Alive, Bustling, Dynamic Towns, Castles, Farms, Schools, People, Wildlife – in Perfect Harmony, the Loudoun Valley”.

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