Nature Champions: Eurasian Beaver

Eurasian Beaver - Ralf Schick
An image of a Eurasian Beaver eating a piece of fruit in a body of water.

A keystone species that was officially reintroduced to Scotland in 2009 after an absence of over 400 years. Beavers are natural engineers. They create unique habitats that increase biodiversity, have flood control benefits and improve water quality. Beaver activities will require mitigation in certain areas. This will address potential conflicts and help to secure their future success.


Images: Ralf Schick

Action Needed

  • Encourage best practice for mitigating localised impacts and improve welfare of the species.
  • Support new wildlife tourism opportunities within Scotland.
  • Explore suitable “payment for public goods” models to help land managers support beaver and provide maximum value for the public.


Lack of connectivity between populations.  Low genetic diversity and small population size, particularly in Knapdale. Without European Protected Species status and a suitable management framework, beavers are subject to unregulated culling and persecution.

MSP Nature Champion

Ariane Burgess

Member for: Highlands and Islands

Region: Highlands and Islands

Party: Scottish Green Party

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Ariane Burgess MSP
  • Trees for Life
  • Woodland Trust Scotland

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