Nature Champions: Ponds and Small Lochs


Ponds are listed as a priority habitat in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. Ponds and small lochs are essential for amphibian breeding and for the young to develop they are also used by grass snakes for swimming and hunting. They support an enormous amount of biodiversity including aquatic invertebrates, plants, small mammals and birds. Unfortunately over the last couple of centuries we have lost over 50% of our pond habitats and of the remaining habitats 80% are in poor condition (Freshwater Habitats Trust research).

Action Needed

  • Pond creation. 
  • Pond restoration.
  • Encourage residents in urban environments to create a wildlife pond.


  • Habitat destruction mainly as a result of new developments.
  • Health and safety concerns.
  • Climate change resulting in ponds not retaining sufficient water.

MSP Nature Champion

Emma Harper

Member for: South Scotland

Region: South of Scotland

Party: Scottish National Party

Related Species & Habitats

Natterjack Toad

Emma Harper MSP
  • Froglife

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