Species Champions: Twinflower

The scent of twinflower gives it its common Scandinavian names: Perfume flower and Little lily-of-the valley. Twinflower was first recorded near Aberdeen in 1795, and named after the famous botanist Carl Linnaeus. It is an iconic yet tiny species of Caledonian pine forests.

Action Needed

  1. Support implementation of better woodland management schemes.
  2. Promote the Flora Guardians scheme to monitor this rare species.
  3. Promote the value of Scottish biodiversity as resilience against climate change.
  4. Ensure the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy is fully implemented.


Twinflower needs cross pollination to form viable seed, but the remaining populations are too distant for small pollinating flies to reach them.

MSP Species Champion

Bill Bowman

Member for: North East Scotland

Party: Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party

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